Faaborg Flytteforretning Kunstopgave For Odeon Odense

Art transportation

Personal interest and professional package deal

Packing and transport of art works demand special skills and routines. We have been in the packing and transportation business since Faaborg Art Museum was founded in 1910 and have through this partnership gained valuable experience in the field, both regarding the training of our employees and adapting cars for the special needs.

There will always be two of our own staff, who are specially trained in handling art objects, paintings and sculptures, during the transportation. Furthermore, our employees have been trained to act quickly and purposefully in case of emergencies. In addition, our trucks are monitored by non-stop security systems.

Today, we operate three vehicles we have designed specifically for art transportation. The vehicles have premium air suspensions and insulated climate-regulated storage compartments. In addition, the vehicles have video surveillance, so the cargo can be watched from the driver's seat during transport.

The professional engagement in art has developed into a personal interest for owner Niels Justesen, who enjoys going around and see the final results of transported exhibitions. This interest has lead to a deep knowledge of the artists' and museums' needs regarding packaging and transportation, again leading to a number of improvements of the quality of service to meet these needs.

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